Brooch The Subject: 8 Pins That Add Some Bling


Brooches are having a moment this season.  Contrary to the way we’ve viewed the idea of brooches in the past, they are a great way to liven up an ensemble.   A statement piece can make the same old top, dress or coat feel fresh and new…quite the opposite of the “old-fashioned” stigma of yesteryear.  Here are 8 picks to help you add a little bling this season…

1.  Anne Klein Rose Gold-Tone Crystal Flower Brooch- Buy It Here For $28

Rose Gold Flower Brooch

Buy Now: $28

2.  Swarovski Silver-Tone Multi-Crystal Brooch- Buy It Here For $99

Swarovski Brooch

Buy Now: $99

3.  Circular Jeweled Pin- Buy It Here For $78

J. Crew Circular Jeweled Pin

Buy Now: $78

4.  Jones New York Gold-Tone Topaz-Colored Flower Pin- Buy It Here For $25

Jones New York Flower Pin

Buy Now: $25

5.  Silver-Tone Glass Sapphire-Tone Stones Shield Pin – Buy It Here For $27.50

Silver Tone & Glass Sapphire Pin

Buy Now: $27.50

6.  Ribbon Swirl Brooch- Buy It Here For $99.99

Ribbon Swirl Brooch

Buy Now: $99.99

7.  Wreath of Roses Pin- Buy It Here For $15.99

Wreath Of Roses Pin

Buy Now: $15.99

8.  Bow Brooch- Buy It Here For $32.99

Bow Brooch

Buy Now: $32.99