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14 of the Best Self Tanners For Glowing Skin All Year

Best Self Tanners

Whether or not summer is still here there’s times we still need to rock our favorite shorts, bathing suits and dresses. Here we have some of the best sunless tanners to add a little faux glow, since the days of laying out in the sun for hours are behind us (right?) Check out our list of sprays, lotions and mousse that will have you loing naturally bronze in no time.

9 Great Lightweight Spray Lotions And Moisturizers


A spray lotion or moisturizer is a nice alternative to typical body lotions.  Known for being lightweight, spray lotions apply evenly and iver moisture to your skin without feeling greasy or heavy.  Typically using compressed air, they dry quickly and smell great…but the real bonus is the convenience of being able to apply to hard-to-reach […]

10 Monthly Beauty Subscription Boxes To Gift For Valentine’s Day 2017

Best Beauty Subscription Boxes

How fun are subscription boxes?  It’s like a cute little present that shows up at your door once a month.  It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving (or sign up for yourself, we won’t judge).  With the rising popularity of these beauty boxes, it seems there’s something for everyone.  Nail polish addict?  Check.  Cruelty-free […]

The 21 Best iPhone 7 and 7-Plus Cases to Dress Up Your Smartphone in 2017

Cool iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Cases, Covers, Wallets 2017 - 2018 for Women, Girls, & Men

…because it’s officially that magical time of year and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has been released!  Let’s take a moment to genuflect.  Now that that’s done, like it or not, your phone will inevitably hit the ground.  It usually feels a little like slow motion, followed by “please don’t be cracked…please don’t be […]

11 Best Foundations For Flawless Coverage

Best Foundation for 2016 from Drugstore to Designer Reviews

….because if you’re all about that base, you need a good foundation.  After applying your moisturizer or primer, foundation is the main event.  Finding the right base for your skin type sets the stage for the rest of your makeup, helps create the appearance of an even skin tone and blurs imperfections.  The goal is finding something that […]

12 Coral Shades Of Lipstick For Summer

Best Coral Lipstick

Nothing says summer like shades of coral.  It’s the perfect shade for the season, as it los great on tanned skin…but those with fairer complexions can swing it as well. (Lighter peach/corals if you’re warm and fair, or soft pink/corals if you’re cool and fair).  And since coral falls between pink and orange, it’s a […]

12 Eyeshadow Palettes To Covet Right Now


So many makeup s carry eyeshadow palettes and with so many to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow it down. Things to take into consideration?  Coordinating shades of neutrals, a smey eye all in one place…to shimmer, or not to shimmer…and staying power with great color payoff. Our 12 picks cover a little bit of […]

Spring Fragrances: Top 16 Perfumes For Women This Season


The seasons are changing and it’s officially time to update your signature scent.  It’s a perfume jungle out there and whether you’re loing for the perfect fragrance for your wife, girlfriend, mom…or you’re just loing for something fresh and new for yourself, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our picks for some of the best-selling perfumes this season, including a […]

Watch: A Bad Lip Reading Nails The Trump Inauguration

Bad Lip Reading

Ah politics.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  While this whole election has really made us laugh until we cried, it’s really open to interpretation whether it’s been tears of sadness or laughter.  And speaking of laughter, Bad Lip Reading kills it again with their take on Donald Trump’s Inauguration.   It’s quite possible that this […]

15 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Everyone This Valentine’s Day

2016 Monthly Boxes for Christmas 2017

…because what’s easier to gift someone than a monthly subscription box you don’t have to actually leave your house to buy?! Perfect as a last minute idea or just the genius option for that special someone who has everything, we’ve rounded up some of the best monthly subscription boxes for the beauty rs, foodies, and kiddies […]

17 Nail Colors To Rock in Spring And Summer 2017

Best Spring and Summer Polish

 This is the time of year when we’re all ready for some warmer temperatures and longer days filled with sunshine.  We’re definitely over the snow and frigid weather and ready to shed some layers. (Until next year boots and parkas!) .   One of the best parts of the change in season?  Switching up your nail […]

17 Best Monthly Food And Drink Subscription Boxes For 2017


Subscription boxes seem to be everywhere these days.  From beauty and perfume, to toys and games.  Food and drink subscription boxes are perfect.  Not only are they a great way to treat yourself, they make the best gift – especially for the recipient who just seems to have everything.  There’s a lot to be said for gifts […]

11 Black Friday Deals You Can’t Miss

Promo Codes

It’s the most wonderful (stressful?) time of the year!  Now that Thanksgiving is O-V-E-R, it’s time to hit the retail trail and start (or for you over-achievers, finish) your holiday shopping.  Before navigating Black Friday and flying through Cyber Monday all alone, check out some handy coupon codes and promos below. Scentbird:  CYBER MONDAY –  […]

2017’s Most Popular New Toys for Kids This Christmas

best toys for kids

You better watch out…because, let’s face it, Christmas is around the corner.  It’s never too early to get a jump start on the coolest gifts for kids.   There’s nothing worse than being under the gun, while people continually post the countdown to Christmas on social media (the stress is real!).  We’ve scoured some of the top toy […]

Hatchimals: The Low Down On One Of This Season’s Hottest Toys

2016 Hatchimals Eggs Draggles, Penguala and Owlicorn for Christmas Toy Gifts 2017

You know the drill.  Every year there’s a “hot toy” item that pops up just in time for the holidays.  How mystical!  It causes a frenzy that’s not planned at all by the toy companies.  You vow not to get caught up in the commercialization of Christmas, until you hear your kids utter those 6 words – […]

15 Festive Gift Basket Ideas That Guarantee Christmas Cheer

Holiday Gift Baskets

…because shipping fruit, chocolate and wine really can make it the merriest Christmas of all.  Take a lo at some of our favorite gift basket ideas for the 2016 – 2017 holiday season. Gift baskets can sometimes get a bad rap.  Traditionally, they were given by old-timey office workers to their clients.  We yawn thinking about […]

20 Unusual Christmas Gifts That Aim to Please

Best Unusual Christmas Gifts

When you’re at the end of your rope trying to find the perfect Christmas present this year, go for something a little unusual (that they’ll still !). Remember, unusual doesn’t have to mean ‘tacky.’  Please even the pickiest person in your family by shopping our 17 favorite unusual xmas gifts this holiday season. 1.  USB […]

That’s A Wrap: 20 Gift Wrap Ideas That Go The Extra Mile

Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

You know how the old saying goes: It’s better to give than receive.  And since presentation is everything, it’s always nice to go the extra mile for certain gifts.  Now it goes without saying that when wrapping mass amounts of gifts, it’s definitely handy to have a never-ending roll of prancing Santas, but some gifts just require that extra touch.   Check […]

15 Chic and Fun Bucket Bags For Fall And Winter

Best Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are still on-trend this season.  Fringe, tassels and warm colors are what keep this style bag feeling fresh…Not to mention, they’re feminine while remaining practical.  We’ve picked 12 bucket bags, both high end and budget-friendly.  Check them out below. 1.  Sancia Milla Jet Setter Mini Carry All – Check It Out Here For $439 2.  Gvyn […]

10 Purifying Mud Masks For Clear Skin

Best Mud Masks

Mud masks are great for cleansing your skin and removing dead skin cells and daily dirt.  They deposit “skin saving” ingredients that help to purify your skin, while removing surface toxins that can clog your pores (which leaves skin loing dull).  Be forewarned that not all mud masks are created equal. While some of us to feel […]

FBF: Bad Lip Reading – NFL Edition


Shhhh…if you listen closely, you can hear the the soft sound of New England fans quietly celebrating the Patriots’ win last night over Houston.  Just kidding, we can’t celebrate, scream obscenities and create memes loudly enough.  And if you’re running back isn’t taking photos with some Minutemen, whilst your backup to the backup is running […]

Roll On: 13 Best Travel Rollerball Perfumes

Best Travel Size Rollerballs, Atomizers and Roll On Perfume 2016 - 2017

…because the TSA will these rollerball perfumes just as much as you will. Whether you’re ready to fly the friendly skies or just want a quick (re)fresh scent to stash in your purse, many of your favorite perfumes come in mini-sized options.  Welcome to the wild world of ‘Rollerball Perfume.’  What’s great about the roll-on option […]

12 Of The Best Scented Candles To Burn This Winter 2017

Best Scented Candles

Candles are a great way to make any space feel warm, comfortable and inviting…especially if it has a great throw.  It’s an easy to create an environment that’s calming, cozy or uplifting – depending on the tone you want to set.  We’ve picked 10 amazingly scented candles that will capture the epitome of the season, or make […]

Back To School: The 50 Cent Store on Jimmy Kimmel

50 cent store

You know what would make back to school even better? (like it’s not already awesome!)  If 50 Cent faux owed (fauxned?) a chain of retail stores.  Check out his “commercial” on Jimmy Kimmel where everything sells for, you guessed it…fiddy cen.   And while my kids are back to school shopping, you can find me […]

8 Wearable Shades Of Orange Lipstick

Best Orange Lipstick

Can you really pull off orange lipstick? Sure! Orange shades run from corals and orange/reds all the way to mandarin.  This vibrant shade can be a fun way to break away from the typical nudes, pinks and reds.  The best way to pull this off, is to find a shade that best suits your skin […]

Crowd-Pleasing Cannoli Dip Recipe For 2017

Cannoli Dip

It’s always a win when you’re able to throw a dessert together super quickly and present something that everyone s.  This cannoli dip kills it because adults and kids it.  The best part?  It takes about 5 minutes to make and 10 minutes to chill.  Check out the recipe and ingredients below…and thanks … Cast […]

21 Fun Board Games For Family Game Night in 2017

Best Games

Ok kids, it’s time to put down the electronics.  In a world where kids (and adults!) are way too busy staring at their screens, there’s nothing better than a family game night.  You know, with actual board games, kids!  And don’t sweat it if it’s a 2 player game and you’ve got 5 players.   Enter […]

Hillary Clinton Launches Trump Yourself App


Are you sick of politics yet?  Yes?  Good, because there’s no end in sight.  All of it is terrible.  All of it.  But yet, here we all are.  Hillary Clinton recently launched a new app, called “Trump Yourself.”  So, if you’ve ever wondered what insults Donald Trump would throw your way, here you go.  By […]

Copy Written So…Don’t Copy Me! Michelle & Missy Elliot On Carpool Karaoke


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like when Michelle Obama and Missy Elliot hang out (who hasn’t?), here you go.  James Corden cruised around the White House grounds and picked up the First Lady along the way.   While belting out some Stevie Wonder and Beyonce, Michelle tells us how she never gets to […]

10 Kid Subscription Boxes That Make The Perfect Gift

Best Subscription Boxes For Kids

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like receiving some , or a package.  Enter kid subscription boxes.  These fun-in-a-box subscriptions cover every type of interest, for every kind of kid.  From the kid who’s totally into science and robots, to the kid who would  to make their own candles. There are a few things to […]

Chris Pine And Jimmy Fallon Play Inflatable Flip Cup

Inflatable Flip Cup

Remember all those nights you spent playing Flip Cup?  Remember when you made everyone play whilst wearing inflatable suits?  Me neither.   We did make people play blind-folded though.  Or was it that we made people play blind-drunk?  Either way.  Truth be told, I don’t think the suits have any impact on the actual game, […]