The Top 5 Books To Promote You From The Mailroom


Whether you refer to it as “Self-Help” or the “I hope no one sees me here” section, the “personal development” shelves in your local bostore or library can have a lot of value in helping you learn the ropes of the professional world, boost your personal life, and just increase your own confidence. No man is […]

The Man’s Guide To Eliminating Procrastination


New Years Resolutions are the grandaddy of good intentions. Odd that we choose to start our year with mostly unrealistic demands on ourselves. I’ll lose weight. I’ll start going to the gym. I’ll learn a second language. I’ll write the Great American Novel. And as if it was the natural course of action pre-ordained, we […]

Gear For The Grill: 10 Items Every Pit Master Should Own


Proper grilling is not a spectator sport and so anyone who takes his sport seriously will want to outfit himself much the same. There are literally dozens of grilling “must haves” on display on, in department stores, at the hardware store, and even on the home shopping network. But the real essentials are those tools […]

Top 3 Ways Ways You Can Turn Debt Around In One Hour


Most personal finances are jacked up. They are upside down at best. Too many work harder to supposedly live fully and have stuff. But in that pursuit of getting stuff we have to work that much which leaves little time to enjoy the aforementioned stuff. It is upside down! What needs […]

Going Big With A Backyard Barbecue


Break to ya crib change your clothes once / Cause you’re invited to a barbeque that’s starting at 4 / Sitting with your friends cause y’all remincise / About the days growing up and the first person you kiss / And as I think back makes me wonder how / The smell from a […]

Foods To Die For


Death becomes us. It is the one truth in all of life. At the end, we all die. But as the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius is credited as saying, “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” And with such wisdom should come a sort of bucket […]

5 Summertime Sippers Mixed For A Man


Let’s please not get carried away with cutesy adjectives like iciously decadent and warm-weather concoctions and even summertime sippers. The heat of the dog days is good for little than two things: bikinis and brews. As Brother G.K. Chesterton – infamous English writer, lay theologian, poet, philosopher, dramatist, journalist, orator, literary and art critic – once […]

10 Women You Didn’t Realize Were Hot


The term “endless summer” eves a feeling of eternal optimism where golden tans last well into December, waves swell for miles, classic songs ring out from every speaker, and bingo isn’t the only thing happening on the beach blanket. But as autumn follows the summer so are we reminded that we are only young once […]

5 Successful Strategies To Working From Home


I stand on my front porch in little than basketball shorts and a cut off t-shirt I am pretty sure commemorates someone else’s participation in a 10K run. I almost shovel my cereal in my mouth to make sure it doesn’t get mushy and to make sure no morsel has to swim alone awaiting […]

CB Radio Lingo And The Lost Art Of Trucker Slang


Every little boy has pulled alongside a ‘Big Truck,’ a ‘Covered Wagon,’ or even a ‘Billy Big Rig’ and imagined himself the driver with his canine riding shotgun as they head for the ‘Home 20’. With a pull down gesture of the bicep to acknowledge ‘Bubba,’ you sit back humming that old familiar song: Keep […]

10 Tiny Houses You Have to See to Believe


While these miniature mansions have been accused as being little than hobbit houses, tree houses, childish forts, and shacks for the poor, there is much to understanding the tiny house movement. Image courtesy of The Small House Catalog Imagine your life without rent or a mortgage. What if you had no utility bills? Think […]

Top 5 Road Bikes To Ride Into Summer


The untrained eye cannot typically tell the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike. Yet the two are as different as a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. One is designed to handle sketchy terrain (typically unpaved environments) and is specifically built for tough trails and paths that contain rocks, […]

The Top Tools Every Man Should Own in 2015

Tool Chest

Your wife tells you the ceiling fan is making a noise and spinning off-center. Your mom calls you one afternoon telling you that the pipe under the sink is leaking water and your dad is off on a fishing trip for the weekend. Your son tells you the chain on his bike keeps jumping off. […]

Using A Straight Razor (without Sweeney Todd in the background)


We previously touched on The Art of Shaving Like A Man in which we outd the most important tool for the job: the straight razor. Perhaps though we just skimmed over the straight razor in all of its sharpened glory. And while they have been overshadowed since WWII by the safety razor (which incorporates a […]

Top 5 Things Best Men Shouldn’t Say at a Wedding

Steve B

I have been to a fair number of weddings. Some have been moving and deeply sentimental. Some have been spiritual and profound. Some have been comical. And unfortunately some have been tragic for one reason or the other. The worst though are the handful I have attended that have turned tragic only when a person […]

How Apple Made The Wristwatch Popular Again Without Selling A Single Unit

Apple Watches

Apple finally announced the launch and purchase reservation dates for each mo of their long awaited Apple Watch, including the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition, and the two sizes that are available for each. Depending on the mo you select, you’re going to have to drop between $349 (the small Apple Watch […]

Bachelor Pads That Will Make Manly An Art

Bachelor Pad 2

Even though the term “bachelor pad” hasn’t been used since about 2008 when rapper Gucci Mane reminded hip hop America what the purpose of one with such great (and prolific) detail was, the concept behind the pad is the same. Single guy. Casa dulce. It is your castle as a single lad and with a little luck […]

Top 5 Gadgets And Gear For The Urban Explorer

Urban Exploring 1

For a couple of years now I have been enad by parkour and urban exploring. Ever since I saw a YouTube video of some snowboarders shredding the terrain created by a recent snowfall in a defunct Detroit warehouse I have taken to the concept of urban exploring. So what is urban exploring? Urban exploration is […]

Top 5 Things To Include In A Man Cave

Man Cave 1

  Man caves are essential to the survival of men. They are good for both the male in the relationship and the female. Personal space is important to the health of a relationship and man caves allow that space as well as a place for personal expression. In them we can express our true selves […]

10 Lessons Learned from Alex P. Keaton

Alex P

Let’s first clear up all misconception. Before he was on ‘Spin City’ or ‘The Good Wife’, before he gave voice to that lovable, little mouse Stuart, and even before he was an agent for little guys in Life With Mikey, Michael J. Fox was the conservative, tie-wearing, briefcase toting, African born (bet you didn’t know […]

The Art of Shaving Like A Man Should

photo courtesy of

Men are not meant to shave. History tells us such. Jesus? #BeardStrong so far as we know. Abraham Lincoln? #WhiskerWise. Yosemite Sam? #FireFur. Beards represent prestige and power. A man’s has historically been a symbol of honor, strength, sexual vigor, and even socio-economic status. But as history progressed, outlaws died off, and men traded in the farm […]

10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for 2015


By now there is than likely an App that will help you stay relevant in the world of iPhone Apps. With over 1.4 million Apps to choose from in Apples iTunes Store they are divided by genre and then divided again between Pay-For and Free. They range from the ridiculous (Yes, I’m talking to […]

Get Your Buzz On With Gluten Free beer

Beer Mugs

Ask any number of regular beer drinkers about a gluten free beer and you may see a reenactment of the old Keystone Light marketing gimmick: Bitter Beer Face. A beer that is purposely without the protein gluten which is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and a cross between wheat and rye called triticale – basic […]

Your 5 Best Buds for 2015 (and we ain’t talking about friends)


Nothing says I take my sound seriously and I take drowning you out even seriously than a great pair of ear buds. The average music consumer prefers in-ear headphones as opposed to the supra-aural designs most recently made popular by Dr. Dre and his Beats design. The ear bud – commercially bolstered by Apple with […]